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The History

Our family here at Nalfede would like to introduce you to our innovative custom and designer lines. We are truly a family here at Nalfede. I started in this business 35 years ago at the age of 15. When I started we had a small office in Manhattan at 50W 47th. Today, we have grown to be one of the finest manufacturing and designer companies in the industry. From our own line of stock designs to your own custom designs, we can provide exciting new unique lines that will thrill your retail customers and make you stand out in the retail jewelry business. Whether it's a stock item or your own design, we use nothing but the finest precious metals and gemstones available in the industry. At Nalfede Fine Bands we don't take shortcuts, ever.

Nalfede has grown from much more than just elegant wedding bands. Nalfede can take your idea to production with quality and craftsmanship not found from other manufacturers. Our 11,766 sq ft hi-tech facility starts with CAD-CAM designs. We then take each new concept to our 3-D printers and send you the prototype in 3-D wax before it goes into production. Our production shop contains high precision 2, 3 and even 5 axis CNC lathes and mills for flawless finished design. We even have a proprietary custom laser cutter that cuts metal to within .001 mm or one micron. This proprietary cutter is one of the few that can precision cut sapphire crystal, titanium, stainless, silver, gold and platinum (can be from .2 mm up to 2.5 mm). Whether your item is laser cut, cast or machined, our professional setters, jewelers, and polishers complete your design. Our laser marker will provide any kind of laser etching or logo in each ring, watch, or pendent, etc. All this state-of-art technology at a price and service unmatched in the industry. We never outsource or use cheap overseas products. All our designs are 100% Made in the USA. Yes, Nalfede can make rings, bracelets, watches, pendants and almost anything you can imagine or need for your business. Call us to find out what we can do for you. See our shop.

We take pride in our work and put 100% customer satisfaction in all our creations because we do everything from design to finished product. We hope you will find Nalfede your one stop custom shop for all your needs from stock items to premiere one-off designs. Nalfede has no limits. Please take some time and review our website to see how we can provide you with outstanding product and service.

Aram Nalbandian,
Founder and CEO
"Where Imagination Becomes A Creation